Dry-stone Walls

Chasseral Nature Park


Parc régional Chasseral
Place de la Gare 2
Case Postale 219
CH-2610 Saint-Imier
T +41 32 942 39 49

Jura bernois Tourisme
Avenue de la Gare 9
CH-2740 Moutier
T +41 32 494 53 43

When the Anabaptists were banned from the plain and sentenced to higher altitude by the Prince Bishops of Basel, they cleared the stony and wooded lands of the Bernese Jura and built the first dry-stone walls. At the time, these were used to demarcate between plots, reduce deforestation and contribute to destoning the soil. In terms of landscapes, they are nowadays the other typical Jura signature, alongside wooded pastures. Chasseral Nature Park and dedicated residents, such as Moussia de Watteville, are committed to restoring the masonry-free walls that have defied the centuries and shelter significant biodiversity. For those that are wondering, it is possible to take part in dry-stone wall restoration days.

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